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The Records Division is responsible for compiling, maintaining, and disseminating copies of Department records concerning the following to law enforcement agencies, authorized outside agencies and citizens:

  • Arrests
  • Boats
  • Crimes
  • Firearms
  • Missing persons
  • Pawned articles
  • Property
  • Traffic
  • Vehicles
  1. Alarm License
  2. Bicycle Registration
  3. Citation Sign-Offs
  4. Court Orders
  5. Crime Reports
  6. DocView - Traffic Accident Reports Online
  7. Fingerprinting
  8. Police Reports
  9. Record Releases
  10. Recovered Stolen Vehicle Release
  11. Recreational Vehicle/Trailer Parking Permit
  12. Repossessed Vehicle Releases
  13. Stored / Impounded Vehicles
  14. Traffic Collision Reports
  15. Vehicle Identification Number Verification
  16. Visa Clearance Letters / Local Background Check

All alarm users must obtain an alarm license within ten days of completing the installation of a new alarm system, or within ten days of placing an existing alarm system in service. Alarm licenses may be obtained from the Beaumont Civic Center or the Police Department. 

The fee for an alarm license is $21.