Agents of Discovery

Beaumont Parks and Rec invites you to explore Beaumont parks with the Agents of Discovery App! 

Each week in July, Agent Bobcat will lead you through a new challenge to explore and learn more about your hometown. To play, download the FREE app and search for challenges! 

New challenges will be posted each week July 1 – 31 in conjunction with the Parks Make Life Better Campaign, an initiative to raise awareness about the benefits of parks and recreation throughout California.


Over 20 counties and cities, including the City of Beaumont, have joined forces in an initiative to raise awareness about the benefits of parks and recreation throughout California and to raise the status of parks and recreation as an essential community service.

Through Agents of Discovery®, an educational platform that allows educators and interpretive staff to create, edit and publish their own augmented-reality, interactive games that engage visitors with their facility, these partners are launching the Parks Make Life Better Campaign. During these unprecedented times, it is beneficial to give parents the digital tools to give their kids a fun and safe educational environment to discover and learn!

The Parks Make Life Better Campaign runs for the entire month of July, and encourages young explorers, or “Agents”, to visit as many participating locations as possible to earn real-life and digital rewards. Kids and their families can participate in the campaign by downloading the Agents of Discovery mobile app to access free “Missions” (games) at each of the participating locations. Missions are completed by solving educational “Challenges” (questions) created by the site’s interpreters in order to learn about local ecosystems, culture, and history.

To download the FREE Agents of Discovery app, go to Google Play or the App Store.