Public Safety Memorial

In 2014, the Beaumont City Council proclaimed the 2nd Saturday in October to be Public Safety Appreciation Day. You don't have to wait to Fall to honor our police and fire personnel, you can pay tribute to these brave men and women everyday at the Public Safety Memorial, located in front of the Civic Center at 550 E. Sixth Street. The memorial honors deceased police and fire personnel who lived in or served the Beaumont or Cherry Valley area during their lifetime.

The memorial, in a rose garden setting, consists of three granite slabs where names of police officers and firefighters who died in the line of duty or served our communities during their lifetime are honored. The memorial also features two bronze statues, a bell tower, and benches honoring:

  • Beaumont Police Officers Association Bench: In memory of Lieutenant John Acosta, a longtime member of the Beaumont Police Department, who lost a battle to cancer.
  • City of Beaumont Bench: In memory of the crew of U.S. Forest Service Engine 57. In 2006, the crew died fighting the Esperanza Fire in Cabazon. The fallen firefighters are Fire Capt. Mark Loutzenhiser, Engineer Jess McLean, Assistant Engineer Jason McKay, Firefighter Pablo Cerda, and Firefighter Daniel Hoover-Najera. McLean was a Beaumont resident.
  • Beaumont Fire Department Bench: In memory of Fire Volunteer Scott Karnitz, who died in 1982 while helping a traffic accident victim along Highway 60.
  • Cherry Festival Association Bench: Honoring all local public safety personnel for their service.

Inscribing a Name 

As a city, Beaumont respects the enormous sacrifices made by police and fire personnel. It is with pride that we inscribe on the memorial the name, rank, and agency of their loved one.

  • Applications: Please print and return to the Beaumont Civic Center. View Application (PDF)
  • Unveiling of the names:  A ceremony is held annually on the 2nd Saturday in October at 10:00 a.m. in front of the Beaumont Civic Center. ** 2017 ceremony has been cancelled due to a lack of applications *** 
  • The committee will explore the idea of combining the Veteran's Memorial and the Public Safety Memorial events into one annual ceremony. Information on the 2018 ceremony will be made available at a later date. Both the Veteran's and Public Safety Memorials are open 24/7 for anyone wishing to visit.
  • Additional information: For more information and application deadlines, please contact the Beaumont Civic Center at 951-769-8520. 


Memorial bricks and limited edition Public Safety Memorial Challenge Coins are available for purchase at the Beaumont Civic Center. Donations may be earmarked for the "Public Safety Memorial Fund" and mailed to the Beaumont Civic Center: 550 E. Sixth Street, Beaumont, CA 92223.

The Public Safety Memorial was dedicated on October 19, 2012.