On January 31, 2018, at approximately 8:09am, an officer was on routine patrol in the 1500 block of Leland Avenue. When he saw a white male adult running across the street and hide on the porch of a nearby residence. The same subject then ran from that residence across the street again and began pounding on the door of a second residence.  The homeowner opened the door and the subject forcibly pushed open the door. The subject ran into the home and shut the door behind him. As the officer approached the door he heard screaming coming from inside the home. Due to the suspicious behavior of the subject and the screaming, the officer entered the home. The officer immediately located the subject who was yelling at the victim. The subject was ordered to the ground and was detained.

Further investigation determined that the victim did not know the subject.  The victim had opened the door, thinking the officer was at the door, after seeing the patrol car in front of the home. The victim was shaken, but was uninjured. The subject refused to speak to officers and was subsequently arrested for burglary. Travis Wayne Sangster, age 25, of Banning was booked at Smith Correctional Facility in Banning.

If anyone has any information about this case, please contact the On-Duty Watch Commander at 951-769-8500. Information can also be reported anonymously at or by visiting

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