Nineteen hours and forty-four minutes… that’s how long Beaumont Police Department officers and support staff ran, mile after mile, along desert roads from Baker, California to Las Vegas, Nevada in this weekend’s Challenge Cup Relay- Baker to Vegas Race (official). One hundred and twenty miles of sweat, determination, and teamwork – in the wind, cold, and under the lights of the Vegas sky… From the first runner to step onto the course, through each pass of the baton, our team was supported by an all volutneer support crew of parents, friends and citizen patrol (who already give countless hours to the department).
This year, out of 275 teams, we came in 252nd overall and 44th in our division. That may not sound impressive to some, but given that we have not had a team to compete in B2V since 2014 and 8mos. ago we didn’t even have a team to speak of, it’s nothing short of a huge accomplishment! Thanks to our dedicated Team Captain, who’s persistance made it happen, we could not be prouder of the amount of effort our team put in. Also a special thanks to our supportive families, generous business owners, amazing community, our outstanding co-workers who picked up the slack in our absense and everyone else who cheered us on along the way!! 👏👏👏
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