Code Enforcement Complaints

Code Enforcement views residents as partners in building safe and sustainable neighborhoods. Code Enforcement works to inform property owners, business owners, and residents of specific code requirements and any corrective action needed to come into compliance with the municipal code and observed violations.  This information is provided through notices and correspondence, as well as working in collaboration with the violator.  While the vast majority of violations are resolved through this method, Code Enforcement will issue citations and liens when necessary to gain compliance.

Often times complainants do not understand that gaining compliance from the violating party may take as long as 30-60 days, sometimes longer depending on the violations.  We strive for voluntary action on the part of the violator and for all violations to be abated as quickly as possible.  We will provide information and referrals as available if the issue is not one handled by Code Enforcement.

Code Enforcement cases are assigned on a priority basis with safety being the highest priority. When anonymous complaints are received they may receive the lowest priority rating. Other factors that can affect priority rating on complaints are the lack of contact information, inaccurate location or unclear complaint or problem descriptions.

Please complete this form with as much detailed information as possible, so that we can investigate. Providing contact information will allow us to contact you should we have any questions regarding the complaint or to follow up with you on the status of a case. We would like to remind persons wishing to report complaints that pursuant to state law and City policy, complainant information is kept strictly confidential and is not subject to the California Public Records Act or the Freedom of Information Act.

If you do not have a specific complaint, but instead have general questions regarding the municipal code or code enforcement, please feel free to email us at or calling 951-769-8510.

Please use this form for Code Enforcement related complaints only:

Note: Please do NOT use this form to report a crime or suspicious activity. Dial our business line at 951-769-8500. Our website is not monitored 24/7 and could significantly hinder efforts to provide timely assistance.