Officer Castro has been a police officer with the Beaumont Police Department for over 10 years. During this time, Officer Castro has worked as a patrol officer and a detective. In addition to his full-time assignments, Officer Castro volunteers as an advisor to the Beaumont Police Explorer Post, where he works with teenagers and helps prepare them for a potential future career in law enforcement.

As a result of Officer Castro’s experience and his commitment to the youths of our community, he was selected in October of last year to become the first School Resource Officer for the Beaumont Police Department. In a short time, Officer Castro successfully built working relationships with the students and school staff to reduce criminal activity on school campus and provide a safe place for students to learn and grow.

His position includes working with school administrators and officials, maintaining a high level of visibility on the campuses, serving as a resource for facilitation of gang awareness and intervention, performing selected enforcement as needed, assisting with school campus meetings and other special events where the skills of an SRO might be needed, as well as acting as a liaison with various juvenile organizations.

The Beaumont Police Department is very proud of the dedication Officer Castro displays in his assignment and our community as a whole. Officer Castro has been instrumental to the success of the School Resource Officer program. Help us in congratulating Officer Castro!

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