Internet Safety

The Beaumont Police Department was recently made aware of a social media platform that is soliciting photos of young girls from our community. The account is reposting some of these photos, as well as connecting the photos to the social media accounts of the girls. The account is under investigation and officers are trying to determine if there is any illegal activity associated with the account. With this said, many parents and children are unaware of the dangers that exist online. Predators are known to create accounts and post online portraying themselves as children or peers in order to directly contact juveniles through their social media or other online accounts. Oftentimes these contacts contribute to juvenile delinquency, juvenile runaway cases and even sex and/or human trafficking.

Your child may be unaware they are exposing themselves to these threats by conversing with strangers online, providing their photos and other personal identifying information that puts them at risk to becoming a victim at the hands of a predator. As parents we often hear about these activities and want to believe it does not happen in our community, but technology has changed, it is a threat that occurs in every community, every day.

To combat these predators the Beaumont Police Department works closely with the Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce (ICAC) and Riverside County Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement (SAFE) Team. Detectives from the Beaumont Police Department coordinate with representatives at the federal, state, local and prosecutorial levels to conduct investigations and combat online child victimization.

June is Internet Safety Month and we would like to take a moment to remind parents to monitor their children’s social media and have conversations with their children about some of the dangers that exist online. For more information and additional resources for parents, please visit ICAC Task Force and take a minute to watch these videos regarding online safety:

Safer Internet Video

Safer Internet Video #2

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