Investigation Swatting

On Thursday, October 31, 2019, at approximately 2:42pm, the Beaumont Police Dispatch received a swatting call involving a residence in the 1400 block of Flamingo Street.  Swatting, is a criminal harassment tactic of sending police and other emergency personnel to another person’s address. Typically the caller will falsely report in progress bomb threats, homicides, hostage situations, etc. in order to elicit a major tactical response from first responders.

In this case the Beaumont Police Department was contacted by a subject who reported that he had just shot his family and was barricaded in his residence in the 1400 block of Flamingo Street in the City of Beaumont. Officers responded to the area, as they attempted to gather further details and contact residents at the home in question. Ultimately officers were able to make contact with the residents and determine that the call was a hoax.

Officers have cleared the area, however the origins of the call are still being investigated. There was no threat to the public or the residents of the home, nor were there any reported injuries.

Making false reports to emergency services is a criminal offense, punishable by fines and imprisonment. It causes tax dollars to be wasted by the city or county when responding to a false report of a serious law enforcement emergency. In California, swatters bear the full cost of the response which can lead to fines up to $10,000. If anyone has any information about this incident, you are encouraged to contact the Beaumont Police Department at 951-769-8500.

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