Scam Alert
On Monday, April 2, 2018, Beaumont Police Department was contacted by a resident who reported being a victim to an elaborate scam. The victim was contacted by a subject claiming to be a family member. The subject informed the victim that they had been arrested and needed bond money to be wired by Western Union immediately.
A second subject spoke to the victim, the second subject identified himself as a member of the court and gave the victim a “Case Number” and instructions on where to wire the bond money so that the family member could be freed. The victim withdrew an undisclosed amount of cash and wired the money to the subject to an out of state location.
Shortly after sending the money, the victim was contacted by the family member in question and upon disclosing what had transpired the victim contacted authorities to report the crime. This particular scammer was very convincing and had obtained personal information about the victim and family members.
The Beaumont Police Department would like to warn residents about these types of scams. If you are contacted by an individual who is requesting money from you, do your due diligence and check that the source is legitimate prior to sending any money. If you are not sure, you can also contact local authorities who may be able to assist you.
Also, be aware that most counties provide inmate information online. For Riverside County you can go to
Be sure to share this information with elderly family members and neighbors.

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