Support Services

The Support Services Department is an important component of the Beaumont Police Department by providing a vital link between the community and its police officers. Support services personnel interpret the individual's needs and coordinate the appropriate services to meet those needs.

This department is made up of the following Support Staff:



Records Division is responsible for compiling, maintaining, and disseminating copies of Department records concerning crimes, arrests, pawned articles, traffic, property, firearms, vehicles, boats and missing persons to law enforcement agencies, authorized outside agencies and citizens. To find out how to obtain copies of reports click here.

Property and Evidence


The Property and Evidence Division is responsible for the maintaining of custody of all property recovered by the Police Department from a crime scene, found property reported from a citizen, or property taken as safekeeping. To find out more about our Property and Evidence Division click here.



Dispatch is responsible for providing assistance to callers on six incoming telephone lines which include: 911 emergency lines, an alternate business line, and other additional business lines. Dispatch personnel are also tasked with dispatching calls via radio and the Computer Aided Dispatch System (CADS) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.