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2022 Christmas Lights & Holiday Sights

  1. Untangle those lights and grab your ladder! The Clark Griswold’s of our community are invited to participate in the City of Beaumont’s 5th Annual Christmas Lights & Holiday Sights decorating contest.

  2. Contest Category*

    Please note only ONE contest category per address. 

  3. Please provide a brief description of your entry. Examples: Inflatable display of Micky Mouse and friends.

  4. Judging

    All entries will be judged by submitted PHOTO ONLY via the Beaumont Parks & Rec and Transit Facebook page. Photos will be uploaded by category. The photos with the most "Likes" will be crowned the winners. 

    Multiple photos and video will NOT be accepted. 

  5. Please save file name as your address. 

  6. Contest Information

    The contest is free to enter and open to all Beaumont residents and businesses. Online entry form must be completed by 11:59pm on Sunday, December 11. Lights will be judged by Facebook votes ONLY.

    Only registered participants will be judged and awarded bragging rights. Winning entries will be announced on the City’s Facebook page. Light up the holidays and get creative. Ready…Set…Start Decorating!

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