Committees & Commissions

The City of Beaumont has a number of advisory boards, commissions and committees, which are comprised of volunteers from within the community. Generally, these groups make recommendations to the City Council regarding actions and policies affecting municipal government, City departments and the community. 

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Economic Development Committee Application
Financial and Audit Committee Application

Economic Development Committee

The Economic Development Committee was created by the Council to serve at the pleasure of Council and act as in advisory capacity to develop an Economic Development Strategic Plan for growth and recommend a vision for the future of Beaumont. 

Financial & Audit Committee

The Financial and Audit Committee was formed under Beaumont City Council Ordinance Number 1062 and adding Chapter 2.35 to the Beaumont Municipal Code. The duties of the Committee include advisory to the City Council and shall make recommendations regarding:

  • City investment policies and practices;
  • Long term financial planning;
  • Such other matters as the City Council may request from time to time

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission instructs the Community Development Department to exercise administrative duties where applicable including the determination of Plot Plans, variances and conditional use permits. The Commission conducts public hearings to consider and make recommendations to the City Council regarding general plan amendments, zone changes, zone variances, and specific plans, tentative parcel maps and tentative tract maps. The Commission considers appeals of determinations made by the Planning Director regarding site plan reviews, signage plans, and temporary use permits.