Weed Abatement

The City of Beaumont has always taken a proactive approach to safety and the protection of our citizens. With many acres of beautiful vacant lots available for construction, the city saw the need to highlight these lots while also clearing them of dried vegetation that has potential for fires. The new Weed Abatement Program seeks to beautify our city while also reducing the risk of fire.

With over 400 parcels of vacant land in the City of Beaumont, there is a lot of work to be done in late spring and early summer. Weed abatement notices go out in late spring, after the spring rains. The parcel owners are given time to clear their parcels of overgrown vegetation. After the time has elapsed to clear the parcels, building and safety inspectors start their sweeps of all the vacant parcels. Inspections are completed to insure all parcels are abated and free of fuel for fires before the wild fire season begins in summer.

Subscription Program

In some cases owners do not have the resources to have their parcels cleared of vegetation. For owners who live out of town or are unable to abate their property, the City of Beaumont offers a subscription program. The subscription program is offered to assist parcel owners in abating their property for a reasonable cost and gives peace of mind that their property is weed abated.

The subscription program not only reduces the risk of wildfires on large vacant parcels but is also used to improve the appearance of foreclosed and vacant homes. An overgrown lawn can affect the appearance of the neighborhood and lead to infestation. The Building and Safety Department makes every effort to have all vacant properties cleared and secure to avoid potential hazards.

Fire Protection Ordinance 385 / Municipal Code 08.08.010

Every person owning, leasing, or otherwise controlling unimproved real property and real property in the City of Beaumont shall remove all hazardous flammable materials or growth from the ground around each improvement for a distance not less than 30 feet from its exterior circumference.

  • Vacant parcels five acres or less must be 100% abated.
  • Vacant parcels larger than five acres shall maintain a disked or mowed 100-foot-wide perimeter with a 100-foot-wide cross through the center.
  • The property owner must also mitigate any additional fire hazard(s) that is determined by the city fire chief.

Fugitive Dust - AQMD Rule 403

Weed abatement operations ordered by a county agricultural commissioner or any state, county, or municipal fire department provided that:

  • Mowing, cutting, or other similar process is used which maintains weed stubble at least 3 inches above soil.
  • Any discing or similar operation that cuts into and disturbs the soil, where watering is used prior to initiation of these activities and a determination is made by the agency issuing the weed abatement order that, due to fire hazard conditions, rocks, or other physical obstructions, it is not practical to meet the conditions specified in clause (g)(l)(H)(i). The provisions this clause shall not exempt the owner of any property from stabilizing, in accordance with paragraph (d)(2), disturbed surface areas, which have been created as a result of the weed abatement actions.