2024 Employee Benefits Guide 


The city provides multiple options for medical and dental coverage as well as vision. The city offers a cafeteria plan of $1,675 per month towards coverage.  If an employee chooses not to participate in the plans offered and can provide proof of an approved health plan, they may elect to have the Kaiser Basic employee-only rate as compensation. 

Monthly premiums effective January 1, 2022:

EEEE and SPEE and CHEE and FAM
Blue Shield Premier EPO$1,338.15$2,676.03$2,475.56$3,813.71
Blue Shield Basic EPO$1,237.23$2,474.28$2,288.88$3,526.11
Blue Shield Premier PPO$1,397.28$2,794.55$2,584.96$3,982.23
Blue Shield Basic PPO$1,304.97$2,609.94$2,414.19$3,719.17
Blue Shield Premier TRIO
Blue Shield Basic TRIO$740.40$1,697.93$1,256.00$2,139.88
Kaiser Premier$988.40$1,830.32$1,624.76$2,169.26
Kaiser Basic$825.44$1,527.24$1,355.89$1,809.81
Dental (PPO)*$48.60$94.06$113.31$156.40
Dental (HMO)*$17.31$34.24$29.23$48.46

Other Insurance

  • Basic Term Life Insurance
  • Short-Term Disability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Medicare

Retirement - Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)

The current retirement formulas are:

  • Sworn: 3% at 50. (Employees are eligible to retire at age 50 and will earn 3% of their salary per year of service.) 
  • Non-Sworn: 3% at 60. (Employees are eligible to retire at age 60 and will earn 3% of their salary per year of service.)

Employees hired after December 31, 2012, will be required to pay the entire employee portion of PERS contributions, along with a small portion of the employer contribution. The current retirement formulas for these employees are:

  • Sworn: 2.7% at 57. (Employees are eligible to retire at age 57 and will earn 2.7% of their salary per year of service.)
  • Non-Sworn: 2% at 62. (Employees are eligible to retire at age 62 and will earn 2% of their salary per year of service.)

Deferred Compensation

The City offers a 457 plan that the employee may elect to contribute portions of their salary.

Negotiated Incentives

  • Bi-lingual Incentive Pay
  • Certificate Incentive Pay
  • Uniform Allowance