Patrol Division

bpd_groups_052022-205291The Patrol Division is what the public sees out on the streets in their everyday lives. These dedicated men and women are the first people you encounter in person when you call the police department for assistance.

The Patrol Division provides quality law enforcement to the residents and visitors to the City of Beaumont 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This uniformed division embraces the concept of Commitment to Community and strives to further enhance its partnership with the community.

The uniformed officers are the first responders to emergency and crimes in progress calls for service. Patrol officers respond to all emergency calls and non-emergency calls. All officers serving the community are well trained and attend training on a yearly basis to keep up with the changes in the law and to learn new procedures/techniques for doing their work. Patrol officers respond to calls for service, including emergency calls, and are also responsible for:

  • Initiating contacts with citizens
  • Enforcing criminal laws and traffic violations
  • Training new officers
  • Attending various community events

In most circumstances, patrol officers handle the initial investigation into crimes and other incidents and conduct follow-up investigations as necessary. Each patrol team is supervised by a Patrol Watch Commander.