City Treasurer

The Treasurer is supported in the duties by the Internal Controls Ad-Hoc Committee which includes the Treasurer, the Director of Finance, City Council Members, and appointed members of the public. The Committees meet periodically throughout the calendar year.

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Review quarterly & monthly investment reports;
  • Participate in investment strategy discussions with representatives of the City's contracted investment management firm;
  • Participate in the development of the Annual Statement of Investment Policy;
  • Provide status reports, as needed, to the City Council meetings.

Additionally, the City Treasurer shall:

  • Protect, preserve and maintain intact cash, investments and other assets placed in trust with the Treasurer on behalf of the residents of the community;
  • Be dedicated to the highest ideals of honor, integrity, and objectivity in all public and professional relationships, and function within existing legal guidelines;
  • Promote principles of good government and be dedicated to the concepts of effective and efficient government service;
  • Seek no personal advantage or gain as a result of the position, or due to the commission of a questionable act;
  • Maintain personal conduct in such a manner as will enhance the stature of the position and reflect positively upon the City of Beaumont.